25th May 2019

Awakeri's football teams notched up quite a few wins on Saturday, with high scoring games the order of the day.
The Awakeri Ninjas lost 10 - 6 against Ohope Sharks in a very high scoring 13th grade game. Ninjas went behind early and could never make the difference up. Addi Dodson was player of the day. She worked really hard on the left wing and scored a great goal. Brad Yuill scored from a penalty and a direct free kick and Ben Peat scored three. The Ninjas team is still adjusting to full field soccer. Ohope passed really well and thoroughly deserved the win.
Awakeri Magic travelled to play Opotiki Magpies Team Two in the 11th grade. The game was fast and furious from the start. Magpies played a very defensive style of play so Magic found it hard on attack. The Awakeri defence worked well as a team to keep them out. Arran Dominick broke out in front of their goal and scored for Magic. The second half was similar, but this time Alex Whiteman found himself in front of goal and scored. The final score: 2 - 0 to Magic. Isla Thompson was player of day for her hard work, also doing well were Ryan Ashton, Ryan Lambert and Callum Cameron.
Also in the 11th grade, Cascade Charters Awakeri Raptors continued their good run of results with another solid team effort, a 6 - 2 win over the Kawerau Stags. Raptors are getting much better at playing as a unit, with players making space and team mates feeding them in that space. The player of the day was Ryan Somerville, for his effort on defence and attack.
Awakeri Athletic had a great game in the 9th grade. They won 6 - 0 against Opotiki. The team played really well, passing the ball to each other – great teamwork. The goals were scored by Joshua Spalding (3), Mason Merriman, Addison Neill and Blake Heath. Addison Neill received the player of the day award for her skills in attack and defence.
Also in the 9th grade, Awakeri Mustangs put together another good team effort, winning 4 - 0 against Saints Strikers. The goals were scored by Jacson Heal, Fergus Rowe and Jade Mahy (2). The player of the day was Jacson.
Awakeri Phoenix played Saints Storm in the 8th grade. Saints won the game 7 - 1. Phoenix's player of the day went to Maddie Baker, for great all round play. Awakeri's goal was scored by Addison Whiteman.
Awakeri United went well in the 7th grade, with a win and a loss in their two games. United played Plains Strikers first, a 3 – 0 win. JJ Keepa and Kolton Kerrigan scored for United. In the second game, Whakatane Town Snappers won 5 – 0. United's player of the day was Bonnie Brownlee.
Awakeri Rangers had two great games in the 7th grade. In the first, against Saints Hurricanes, they played well but lost 6 - 0. Their second game was against the Whakatane Town Avengers and they won 3 - 1. One of the goals was scored by Asher Spalding and two by Kaylee Howson. Anais Spalding also had a very good game. Kaylee was named player of the day for her fantastic ball control.
Also in the 7th grade, the rain held off for a great morning of soccer for Awakeri Rascals. Rascals drew 2 - 2 in the first game and had a 2 - 1 win in the second game. The goals were scored by Braxton Semmens and Max Mead, earning himself the player of the day with his fantastic boot!
Awakeri Aces had two fine games in the 6th grade. The first a 5 – 4 win against Allandale Kickers, with all the goals scored by Jude Sweeney. The second was a 2 – 1 win against Ohope Stingrays. The goals were scored by Kyan Krause and Saoirse Kerrigan. Saoirse was named player of the day for scoring an awesome match winning goal in the second game coupled with some staunch defence that Winston Reid would be proud of!
Awakeri Rovers had a great day in the 6th grade too. They were defeated 4 - 1 by the Kawerau Shooting Stars first up. Their second game was against the Allandale Arrows, a 2 – 1 win. The goal scorers were Tobi Tootell, Logan Owen and Corbin James. The player of the day was shared between Maddie Paling, for good defence, and Tobi for his overall strong play in both games.
Also in the 6th grade, the Awakeri Eagles had two exciting games on Saturday. They went down 1 - 0 in the first game against the Whakatane Town Dolphins, but played really well on defence, stopping a lot of attacks. Eagles also had a lot of shots at goal. In the second game Eagles had their first win with Mylee Mathews scoring two goals for a 2 - 0 result. The player of the day was Jasper Wilson for having a lot of shots at goal.

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