Final Day 2013

11th gr 1st div final
Our Break Up Day started with a championship deciding game in the 11th grde 1st division. Awakeri Wild Cats were at home to James Street Legends. Whoever won would win the title. Renske Brabant was in great form in defence.
James Street had a couple of early chances. All the defenders watch anxiously as the shot goes over the top. Finally Wild Cats pressure told and a poor James Street defender put the ball in his own goal. Awakeri's players are happy.
In the second half Wild Cats, through Luella Howe and Emily Julian, force the ball into the goal and lead 2 - 0. From there on Awakeri were set to win. Caroline Paulsen and Linette Lengkeek are not about to let this attacker get close to goal!
Emily Robbie has good passing skills, here she's feeding it forward, while Taryn Forbes watches from the left wing. It's all over Wild Cats win 3 - 0 and celebrate with the trophy.
Now we're onto the prize giving. The youngest teams start. This is Nic Laurent and her 6th grade Awakeri Rascals team. Miss a few age groups and this is 11th grade premier team Awakeri Comets with coach John White.
Emily R
Wild Cats coach Paul Julian hands his team's sportsmanship trophy to Emily Robbie. Steve Dodson speaks about his all girls team, Awakeri Lightning.

Our oldest team, 13th grade Awakeri Sharks. Jo Spod and Christian Wetting call up the players.

Football is all over for the season.

Can't wait till next year!



More action photos?