Awakeri FC Break up day 26 September 2015

John White clears the ball for the parents in a 40 aside game for the 11th and 13th grades against their parents. Photos courtesy of Pete Olifiers.
11th grade coach Christian Wetting lets fly with a volley. Ella sensibly stays out of the road!
Isaac Jones v Cody Cook. A fair contest!
Kelly Wilson passes the ball upfield for the parents. Elijah Wetting-Davidson watches it closely.
Kevin Paulsen uses his speed, ball skills and flash haircut to beat a parent!
Tayla Jones has plenty of kids to pass the ball to if she so chooses!
A big lineup of Awakeri's rep players for 2015. There were 21 of them (even more if you include ex-players like Emily J who have now gone off to high school)
Kiri Carter hands out the awards for the 9th grade Aces team. Mitchell Du Toit is happy to get the special coach's award.



More action photos?