Football at Awakeri July 29 2017

Four age groups were playing at Awakeri. Here is the 8th grade Awakeri Magic in action. You can read the match reports for these photos here. Magic had to try and play around a couple of large puddles. Players had their own strategies for either avoiding them or playing in them!
This is 9th grade Awakeri Panthers in action. Riley Annan is challenging for the ball. Panthers did a fair bit of defending.
Meanwhile on the next pitch, 13th grade Awakeri Warriors are playing Whakatane Intermediate Jets. Player of the day Frank Butler won a lot of ball in the midfield Jake Boyce in action.
Back to the 8th grade, Magic are defending. Next door, the Panthers score a goal, thanks to Rhianna Rowe.
Magic battle on. They had a 2 - 2 draw with Saints Stars (blue). Some of the Saints players towered over the Awakeri team.
Aramia Hanlen is never daunted though! Isaac Clements pushes through on attack. Sam East is running to get into position for a pass.
Eiljah Wetting-Davidson used trickery to get past this WI Jets defender. Cody Hall gets through to the Jets goalie. Out on the wing, Bonnie-Marie W-D worked well.
Elijah runs at the defence, while Bradley Burr moves out wide left. 9th grade Panthers are working hard. Defenders Charlize Butler and Rhianna Rowe and goalie Cullen Brown watch their team mate challenge for the ball.
Starting a bit later at Awakeri was the 11th grade United team. Like on most of the other pitches, two blue teams, one had to wear bibs. This time it is United with the bibs on. Ashlee Jennings did well on the right. Lucy Jones competes with a tall Kutarere player.
Kohen Laurent crosses the ball in from the right. Kohen scored the goal in a good 1 - 1 draw. Player of the day Mary Bragg chases an opponent. Mary worked hard all game.
Jamie Hawkes was strong in defence. Back on the 13th grade game, Bradley is playing well.
Defender Oscar Mahy is always determined. He threads a pass past his taller opponent.



More action photos?