10th August 2013

Wet weather caused the first cancellations of the season for Awakeri's junior footballers on Saturday. The Junior Framework for the five youngest teams and an 11th grade game were called off.
However, in the 8th grade, R. Mahy Contracting Awakeri Warriors continued their unbeaten season with a solid win against the Ohope Oysters. Superb teamwork and passing did the trick for the Warriors. Oliver Forsyth and Blake Hermansen each scored hat tricks with Bonnie-Marie Wetting also scoring. Bonnie-Marie earned player of the day for her determination and effort.
In the 9th grade Da Silva Autos Awakeri Strikers played Plains Dragons at Edgecumbe. Strikers had another good game, their third win in a row. They were short so Ollie Forsyth and Blake Hermansen filled in after their younger age game. Strikers all played well with Kaleb Muggeridge and Blake really standing out. Alex Robbie played her best game yet too. Goals were scored by Ollie, Kaleb and Matthew Reihana. Dragons made some good chances and were denied by the woodwork a couple of times. The player of the day was Inderpreet Aujla for good effort and positional play. Strikers won the game 3 - 1.
HTL Spreading Awakeri Lightning and Barringtons Motor Lodge Awakeri Wild Cats had played their scheduled 11th grade 1st division game earlier, with Lightning holding the league leaders Wild Cats to a shock 2 - 2 draw.
Insitu Heritage Awakeri Sharks were at home for their 13th grade game against Kawerau All Stars. Both teams scored in the first two minutes. After that Kawerau steadily increased their lead despite Awakeri also playing some good football when in possession. The competition part of the game stopped when a six goal lead was reached, however, both teams kept up some good attacking play, with a final tally of 10 - 5 to Kawerau! Jacob Davis scored a hat trick for Awakeri, with player of the day Alex Coventry and Finn Spod also scoring. Keeper Cody Baker Bragg also impressed by getting off his line well.

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