President's report 2013

Awakeri Soccer Club.

President's report 2013
In the 2012 season, Awakeri fielded 11 teams in the EBOP leagues, in the following grades: 6th (2), 7th (2), 8th (2), 9th (2), 11th (2) and 13th (1). Again, we had two girls only teams playing.
The season was run by the Waikato-BOP Federation for the first time and went fairly smoothly. The old EBOP Junior management committee was wound up at the end of last year and its funds distributed among the clubs.

The club is grateful to its sponsors: HTL Spreading, Da Silva Autos, Get Fresh, Barringtons Motor Lodge, Mags & Tyres, R. Mahy Contracting and Mainstream Engineering.

In the 2012 season there were many highlights for the Awakeri Soccer Club. These include:
9th grade Comets coming 2nd in the premier league
8th grade Rangers winning the end of season tournament
Three of our coaches were involved in coaching district rep teams last season
Campbell Forsyth, Kaleb Muggeridge, Bonnie-Marie Wetting, Keaton Turvey, Hayden Baxter, Fletcher Forsyth, Joseph Bateson, Jonte Moore, Ben Davey-Emms, Kevin Paulsen, Keely Forbes, Ella Forbes, Oliver Forsyth all scoring hat tricks or better in games
Ex player Robbie Sonntag scoring for Waikato Unicol in a Chatham Cup game to knock out one of the favourites
The football international between Awakeri and Singapore team Wellington.

Awakeri had 14 EBOP rep players in 2012: 8th gr Hayden Baxter, Keaton Turvey, Kaleb Muggeridge; 9th gr girls Olivia Sheaff, Sadie van Beekhuizen; 9th gr boys Campbell Forsyth, Kevin Paulsen; 10th gr boys Korben Wilson; 11th gr girls Sarah Sheaff, Emily Julian, Taryn Forbes, Jenae Brownless, Linette Lengkeek; 11th gr Isaiah Davidson.

I would like to thanks our coaches: Wayne Lawrence, Abby & Grant Bateson, Renske Forsyth, Donna Turvey, Dan Baxter, Bruce Carter, Steve Dodson & Kim Sheaff, John White, Paul Julian, Christian Wetting, LJ Du Toit & Shane Forsyth

The sportsmanship trophies for the season went to:
Mitchell du Toit (6th gr), Summer Jones (6th gr), Oliver Forsyth (7th gr), Keighly McNeil (7th gr), Hayden Baxter (8th gr), Paige Carter (8th gr), Rylee Looney (9th gr), Ben Olifiers (9th gr), Jenae Brownless (11th gr), Jacob Davis (11th gr), Daniel Perkinson (13th gr)

Many thanks to Louise Paulsen for doing an excellent job as secretary/treasurer.

Barrie Hawkes
13 March 2013


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