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The Awakeri Soccer Club originated from the enthusiasm of Awakeri School staff members John Elmers, Roger Williams and Jan Mahy. They fielded an Under-10 team in 1979, in the school's name. This team was coached by Roger Williams. Developing enthusiasm led to a meeting of parents, who formed the club in 1981 with president Bonnie Wetting. Teams were fielded in the U-8 "Sparrows", U-10 "Keas" and U-12 (2 teams) "Eagles" & "Hawks" age groups. The club colours are royal blue and white.

The club is still based on the Awakeri Primary School and usually has around 120 players. From 1993 the club has been fortunate to gain sponsorship from local companies. We have fielded at least one all girls team since the 2002 season, and usually field around 12 teams.
The acquisition of new grounds adjacent to the school enabled three fields to be set up from 1994, one of them full sized.

1998 President's report
1999 President's report
2000 President's report
2001 President's report
2002 President's report
2003 President's report
2004 President's report
2005 President's report
2006 President's report
2007 President's report
2008 President's report
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Current Club Executive

President: Brigette Davidson
Secretary: Kiri Carter
Treasurer: Andrea Whiteman

Club Highlights:

1986 Champions U-13 (coach Harold Peat)

1987 Champions U-13 (coach Harold Peat)

1993 Runners-up U-13 (coach Mark Lawrence)

1994 Mark Lawrence elected president of EBOPJFA

1996 Champions U-11 - unbeaten - (coach Mark Roia)

1997 Champions U-12 - unbeaten - (coach Mark Roia)

2003 Champions 13th grade (coach Chris Whitaker)

2004 Champions 10th grade (coach Stan McKeown)

2005 = Champions 15th grade (coach Chris Whitaker)

2007 Runner-up 13th gr (coaches Paul Ibbetson & Rod Kamphorst)

2012 Champions 8th grade (coach Dan Baxter), Runners up 9th grade (coach John White)

2013 Champions 11th gr 1st division Wildcats (coach Paul Julian). Unbeaten 8th gr Warriors (coach Renske Forsyth)

2014 Champions 9th grade Warriors (coach Renske Forsyth). Emily Julian selected for National Training School.

2015 Unbeaten 8th grade (coach Cam Peat). Runners up 11th grade 1st div (coaches Christian Wetting & Chris Butler)

2016 Champions 11th grade Warriors (coaches Christian Wetting & Chris Butler), 3rd 13th grade Comets (coach John White), only beaten once 9th grade Ninjas (coach Cam Peat).

2017 Unbeaten 8th grade (Rodney, Iona & Issy Lambert), 3rd 11th grade Ninjas (Cam Peat).

2018 Champions 11th grade Ninjas (coach Cam Peat), 2nd in 9th grade Magic (Rodney, Iona & Issy Lambert), 2nd in 8th grade Mustangs (coaches Ross Rowe & Jimmy Heal)

2019 13th gr Ninjas, 2nd place (Cam Peat & Christian Wetting), 11th gr Raptors 2nd place (Blair Robinson & Mark Somerville), 9th gr Mustangs unofficial champions, only one loss all season (Ross Rowe & Jimmy Heal).

Past Club Executive

  President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer
1981, 82 Bonnie Wetting   Jan Mahy
1983 Wally Groom   Mary Butler
1984 Wally Groom   Joe Leota
1985 Dave Saunders   Marie Cox
1986 Harold Peat   Jan Mahy
1987 Harold Peat   Patsy Maxwell
1988 Barrie Hawkes Tini Wetting Lynn Saunders
1989 Barrie Hawkes Bob Wyllie Dorothy Corney
1990 Barrie Hawkes Mark Lawrence Dot Corney
1991- 95 Barrie Hawkes Mark Lawrence Gill McCready
1996, 97 Barrie Hawkes Barney Gray Gill McCready
1998 Barrie Hawkes Tom Lowndes Helen Ernest
1999 Barrie Hawkes Cathy Fitzgerald Helen Ernest
2000 Barrie Hawkes Cathy Fitzgerald Helen Ernest
2001, 02 Barrie Hawkes Chris Stanton Helen Ernest
2003 Barrie Hawkes Walter McIndoe Helen Ernest
2004, 05 Barrie Hawkes Chris Whitaker Helen Ernest
2006 Barrie Hawkes Walter McIndoe Helen Ernest
2007, 08 Barrie Hawkes Peter Sheather Jane Harte
2009- 11 Barrie Hawkes L J Du Toit Jane Harte
2012 Barrie Hawkes L J Du Toit Louise Paulsen
2013 - 16 Barrie Hawkes John White Sec: Louise Paulsen; Treas: Kate Robbie
2017 Barrie Hawkes Michael Johnstone Sec: Kiri Carter; Treas: Andrea Whiteman
2018 Barrie Hawkes Naomi Courtney-Tennent Sec: Kiri Carter; Treas: Andrea Whiteman
2019 Brigette Davidson   Sec: Kiri Carter; Treas: Andrea Whiteman

Team Coaches

1981 B Wetting & Harold Peat (U8),Wally Groom(U10), Rod Phillis, Will Cleland, Dave Corza(U12)
1982 Joe Leota, W. Cleland, W. Groom, B. Wetting, T. White, Rod Hepburn
1983 J Leota (U8), Harold Peat (U10A), Tony Firmin (U10B), W. Groom (U12A), R. Phillis & R Hepburn (U14)
1984 John Stewart, H. Peat, W. Groom
1985 Mr Hubbard (U7), Brian Skilling (U9), H. Peat (U11), Dave. Saunders (U13A), Gary Hall (U13B), Mike Arrol (U15)
1988 Mike Boyes & Barney Gray (U7), Shelly Johansen & Keith Topping (U9) Brian Skilling & Peter Sheather (U11), Barrie Hawkes (U13)
1989 Mike Boyes & Gavin Dennis (U7), Bill McCracken & Alan Shaw (U9), Barney Gray (U9), Barrie Hawkes (U11), Peter Sheather & Dot Corney (U13)
1990 Cheryl Hale (U7), Barney Gray & Mike Boyes (U9), Gavin Dennis & Brian Skilling & Keith Topping (U11), Mark Lawrence & Bill McCracken (U11), Barrie Hawkes (U13)
1992 John Gibson, Carl Robinson, Christine Gaudion, Barrie Hawkes, Mike Boyes, Glenn Hale, Mark Lawrence, Barney Gray.
1993 Barney Gray (U7), Deb Kinvig & Tom Lowndes (U8), Barry Mathis (U9), Mike Boyes (U11), Barrie Hawkes (U11), Mark Lawrence (U13)
1994 Roy Hitchcock (U7), Peter Milton & Brian Cottle (U7), Carl Robinson & Peter Fitzgerald (U8), Brent Devlin (U9), Mark Roia (U10), Barney Gray (U13), Barrie Hawkes (U13), Mark Lawrence (U15)
1995 Jenny & Tom Lowndes (U7), Gill McCready (U7), Barney Gray (U8), Brent Devlin (U9), Mark Roia (U10), Barrie Hawkes (U12), Mark Lawrence (U14)
1996 Gill McCready (U6), Greg Robison (U7), Stu Goodhew (U8), Barney Gray & John Gibson (U9), Brent Devlin (U10), Mark Roia (U11), Barry Mathis (U12), Barrie Hawkes (U14).
1997 Kelly&Kevin Turner (U6), David Hudson (U6), Evans McCready (U7), Stu Goodhew (U7), Greg Robison (U8), Chris Stanton (U9), Barrie Hawkes (U9), KatieFitzgerald & Carol Gibson (U10), Tom Lowndes (U11), Mark Roia (U12).
1998 Peter Sheather&Chris Stanton (U6), Craig Davies (U7), Evans McCready (U8), Stu Goodhew (U8), Greg Robison (U9), Barrie Hawkes (U10), Peter Fitzgerald (U11), Tom Lowndes & Rod Kamphorst (U14).
1999 David & Gail Hudson (U6), Peter Sheather & Chris Stanton (U7), Craig Davies (U8), Evans McCready (U9), Stu Goodhew (U9), Tom Lowndes (U11), Barrie Hawkes (U11), Katie & Peter Fitzgerald & Tim Tatham & Charmaine Timbs (U13)
2000 David Hudson (U6), Rod Kamphorst & Stuart Munro (U6), Neil & Heather Mower & Helen Ernest (U7), Evelyn Skipps & Peter Sonntag (U7), Peter Sheather (U8), Tom Lowndes & Alan Barr (U8), Graeme Reeves & Colin Wilson (U9), Chris Stanton (U11), Stu Goodhew (U11), Barrie Hawkes (U13).
2001 Lea-anne Sheather (U6), Mark & Tracey Morrison (U6), Rod Kamphorst & Amy Ingle (U7), Gary Rowlands & Stuart Munro (U7), Neil Mower & Peter Sonntag (U8), Peter Sheather & Graeme Reeves (U9), Alan Barr (U9), Chris Stanton & Stuart Goodhew (U11), Mike Scott & Peter Macdonald (U11), Barrie Hawkes (U13)
2002 Shannon Burgess (U6), Mark Muncaster (U6), Lea-anne Sheather & Walter McIndoe (U7), Neville Prout & Vicky & Joe Richards (U7), Rod Kamphorst & Doug Christensen (U8), Gary & Debra Rowlands (U8), Mark Brogden (U9), Peter Sheather & Richard Swart (U10), Chris Stanton & Alan Barr (U10), Graeme Reeves & Peter Sonntag (U11), Chris Whitaker (U13), Mike Scott (Int Girls), Barrie Hawkes (U15)
2003 James & Sue Holani & Mark & Tracey Morrison (6th), Mark Muncaster (7th), Shannon Burgess (7th), Lea-anne Sheather & Walter McIndoe (8th), Neville Prout (8th), Vicky & Joe Richards & Doug Christensen (9th), Stu Munro & Dave Cram (9th), Mark Gurran & Mark Brogden (10th), Rod Kamphorst (11th), Peter Sheather (11th), Chris Whitaker (13th), Peter Macdonald & Mark Haslam (JHS Girls), Barrie Hawkes (15th)
2004 Sue Holani (6th), Corey Sanson (6th), Rod & Jacqui McPherson & Tracey Morrison (7th), Mark Muncaster (8th), Walter McIndoe (9th), Dave Cram (10th), Stan McKeown (10th), Neville Prout & Mark Roia (11th), Mark Gurran & Graeme Reeves (13th) Rod Kamphorst (13th), Chris Whitaker (15th)
2005 Corey Sanson (6th), Sue Holani & Frank van der Gulik (7th), Rod McPherson (8th), Graeme Reeves (9th), Brett Frost & Wilco Klein-Ovink (9th), Walter McIndoe & Lea-anne Sheather (11th), Dave Cram (11th), Stan McKeown (11th), Gary Rowlands (13th), Peter Sheather & Rod Kamphorst (13th), Chris Whitaker (15th)
2006 Dane & Jane Harte (6th), LJ Du Toit & Rebecca Van der Gulik (6th), Mike Learmond & Paul Shakes (7th), Jayne Wood & Corey Sanson (7th), Richard Vincent (8th), Wilco Klein Ovink (9th), Walter McIndoe (11th), Peter Sheather (11th), Stan McKeown (13th), Rod Kamporst (13th).
2007 Brian Cook (6th), Christian Wetting & Jayne Wood (6th), Paul Julian (6th), Dane Harte (7th), LJ Du Toit (7th), Mike Learmond (8th), Corey Sanson (8th), Richard Vincent (9th), Wilco Klein Ovink (11th), Ben McPherson (11th), Peter Sheather & Walter McIndoe (13th),Paul Ibbetson & Rod Kamporst (13th), Stan McKeown & Josh Hyndman (15th).
2008 Josh Hyndman, Wilco Klein Ovink, Walter McIndoe, Richard Vincent, Corey Sanson, Esther Geerlings, Johnny Schlepers, Dan Baxter, LJ Du Toit, Christian Wetting, Brian Cook, Braden Calder, Richard Mahy, & Paul Julian.
2009 Dion Turvey (13th), Mike Learmond (11), Esther Geerlings (11), Stuart Haig (9), Johnny Schlepers (8), LJ Du Toit (9), Christian Wetting (8), Daniel Hall (7), Kerry Looney (7), Dwayne McGuire (7), Braden Calder (6), Paul Julian (7 girls), Craig Growden (6) & Jeff van Beekhuizen (6 girls).
2010 Shane & Renske Forsyth, Melissa White, Kate Robbie (6th), Braden Calder, Bevan Jones,John White(7th), Nigel Wilson & Dwayne McGuire, Paul Julian (8th), Christian Wetting (9th), LJ Du Toit & Stuart Haig, Wilco Klein Ovink (11th)
2011 Heidi & Adam Parker, Brigette Davidson, Renske Forsyth (6th), Melissa White & Naomi Courtney Tennent, Kirsteen Nurkka (7th), Bevan Jones, John White, Geoff van Beekhuizen (8th), Paul Julian, Kerry Looney & Dena Wilson (9th), Christian Wetting, LJ Du Toit (11th), Shane Forsyth (13th)
2012 Abby & Grant Bateson, Wayne Lawrence (6th), Renske Forsyth, Donna Turvey (7th), Dan Baxter, Bruce & Tracey Carter (8th), John White, Steve Dodson & Kim Sheaff (9th), Christian Wetting, Paul Julian (11th),Shane Forsyth & LJ Du Toit (13th)
2013 Nic Laurent, Lyndell Jones, Melissa Growden, Nicola Burgess, Brett & Natasha Grindrod, Jill & Koogee Eivers, Neil & Megan Bragg, Leigh & Kiri Carter,Mike Mahy, Renske Forsyth, Kate Robbie, Paul Julian, Steve Dodson, John White, Joachim Spod & Christian Wetting.
2014 Nic Laurent, Helen McKane, Kiri & Leigh Carter, Leanne Somerville, Cam Peat, Lyndell Jones, Melissa Growden, Diane Hawkes, Steve Dodson, Mike Mahy, Renske Forsyth, LJ Du Toit, Ian Ferguson, Rebecca Wills, Paula Bromley, John White, Paul Julian & Kate Robbie.
2015 Arthur Dominick, Laura Powick, Andrea Whiteman (6th), Mike Johnstone, Nic Laurent & Abby Bateson (7th), Kiri & Leigh Carter, Cam Peat, Mike Mahy (8th), Aimee Griffiths, Karen Toone & Greg Ashton (9th), Sophie Sutton, Christian Wetting & Chris Butler (11th), Paula Bromley & Jo Ingle, John White & Kate Robbie (13th).
2016 Arthur Dominick, Ross Rowe, Dean Butterworth (6th); Andrea Whiteman, Christine Best & Loren (7th); Mike Johnstone & Nic Laurent, Leanne Somerville & Greg Ashton (8th); Cam Peat & Jason Yuill, Aime Griffiths (9th); Christian Wetting & Chris Butler, LJ Du Toit & Wayne Lawrence (11th); John White (13th).
2017 Kiri Carter & Nelson Kelly, Ross Rowe, Dean Butterworth, Andrea Whiteman (7th gr); Rodney & Iona Lambert (8th); Nic Laurent, Leanne Somerville & Barrie Hawkes (9th); Cam Peat & Jason Yuill, Naomi Courtney Tennent (11th); Christian Wetting & Chris Butler (13th)
2018 Dan Drury, Brigette Davidson, Andrea Whiteman (6th gr); Ross Rowe & Jimmy Heal, Sjoerd & Crystal Overdevest & Nelson Kelly (8th), Rodney & Iona Lambert (9th); Nic Laurent (11th), Cam Peat (11th); Christian Wetting & Chris Butler (13th)
2019 Amy James, Dermott & Kirsty Sweeney,Mark Wilson (6th gr), Brigette Davidson, Sam & Stace Willetts & Mike Jennings,Kim Reid & Matt Howson (7th gr), Andrea Whiteman (8th gr), Ross Rowe & Jimmy Heal, Nelson Kelly (9th gr), Rodney Lambert, Blair Robinson & Mark Somerville (11th gr), Cam Peat & Christian Wetting (13th gr).

Highlights from the games, an historical slant

Club Honours Board