Awakeri Soccer Club.

President's report 2016
In the 2015 season, Awakeri fielded 13 teams in the EBOP leagues, in the following grades: 6th (3), 7th (2), 8th (2), 9th (2), 11th (2) and 13th (2).
The season was run by the Waikato-BOP Federation. A major frustration was the number of Saturdays without games. This was partly due to the Under – 20 FIFA World Cup being played in NZ and the Federation trying to ensure local players went to games.
The club is grateful to its sponsors: SLH Contracting, Private Asset Management, Designline Kitchens, Shed Boss, Eastern Bay Curtains 4U, & EBOP Plant Services.

In the 2015 season there were many highlights for the Awakeri Soccer Club. These include:
Savanah Stewart getting player of the day for hitting a car with one of her kicks!
Emily Julian featuring on the posters given out all over NZ to junior players.
Ollie Peat scoring eight goals in a game.
8th grade Awakeri Ninjas going through the season unbeaten.
The U-20 World Cup being played in NZ, Awakeri families going to see games in Hamilton. Ex-Awakeri player Jeremy Hawkes even got to play for his club in New Plymouth against the Brazil coaching staff in a friendly!
13th grade Comets pushing unbeaten Whk Intermediate Foxy Feet hard in a 3 – 2 loss.
Hat tricks being scored by Sophie Growden (2), Tom Kloppenburg (3), Ethan Patterson, Keighly McNeil, Jamie Julian, Michael Griffiths, Kevin Paulsen (2), Kaleb Grindrod, Kobi Wetting-Davidson (2), Alex Whiteman, Aramia Hanlen, Ben White, Jon Tiwha-Smith, Cambell Julian, Elijah Wetting-Davidson.
Tyler Wardlaw scoring four goals in a 6th grade game despite feeling sick!
13th grade keeper Ben Olifiers crawling several metres through the puddles to dive on a rebound from a save!

Awakeri had 21 EBOP rep players in 2015: 8th gr: Kobi Wetting-Davidson, ; 9th gr Fearghus Byres, Ollie Fort; 9th gr girls: Ella Forbes, Phoebe Carter, Chelsy Wardlaw; 10th gr: Jamie Julian, Elijah Wetting-Davidson; Cambell Julian, Kaleb Muggeridge; 11th gr girls: Katie Mahy; 12th gr FTC: Ben Olifiers, Ethan Patterson, Cody Cook, Kevin Paulsen; 15th gr girls FTC: Emily Robbie, Lilly Du Toit, Tayla Jones, Rylee Looney, Luella Howe, Rhylee Mahy.
I would like to thank our coaches: Arthur Dominick, Laura Powick, Andrea Whiteman, Mike Johnstone, Nic Laurent & Abby Bateson, Kiri & Leigh Carter, Cam Peat, Mike Mahy, Aimee Griffiths, Karen Toone & Greg Ashton, Sophie Sutton, Christian Wetting & Chris Butler, Paula Bromley & Jo Ingle, John White & Kate Robbie. We are very lucky that so many people volunteer to do this job. It isn't always easy!

The sportsmanship trophies for the season went to:
Aramia Hanlen (6th gr), Ollie Peat (6th gr), Billy Butterworth (6th), Ryan Somerville (7th), Tylah Bateson (7th), Joseph Spalding (8th), Jessie Jones (8th), Isak Tootell (9th), Ollie Fort (9th), Rhys Robertson (11th), Kalib Schuler (11th), Kyla McGuire (13th), Callum McNeil (13th gr).

Once again, many thanks to Louise Paulsen and Kate Robbie their work throughout the year as secretary and treasurer.
Barrie Hawkes
21 March 2016

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