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Club Highlights over the years

1986 Champions U-13 (coach Harold Peat)

1987 Champions U-13 (coach Harold Peat)

1988 A (nameless) carload of Under 13 players got lost en route to Kawerau. The remaining seven players held their opposition scoreless until their team mates eventually arrived! Later in the game Siobhan Wilson sent the spectators wild, when she smacked in a good goal!

1994 The new fullsized pitch on reserve was used. Ex-All White Grant Turner commented on how good it looked on a visit (as a photocopier rep!) Great spirit in the 2 - 2 draw between the two U 13 teams. The only goal of the season scored by the Harcourts Rural U - 7 team (Mitchell James). The good natured competition on the sideline between the two U7 teams in their derby. Awakeri Store U13s finishing their season with a 9 - 0 win, having started it with a 10 - 0 loss! Adam Robinson scored a bucketful of goals in the U8s. The involvement of our players in a march past before the NZ v Denmark game at Mt Maunganui. Having 14 EBOP rep players in the club.

1995 9th and 10th grade teams got to finals of annual Bayday tournaments. Sean Wright scored five goals at Bayday for the U7s. Highs: James McCready's goal from halfway against Tauranga Blue Rovers in the John Horsborough Shield tournament; Awakeri providing half of the 13th grade EBOP rep team; our 14th grade girls playing for us, then Edgecumbe College and showing them how it is done! Rupert Weaver, in his first game, grabbing the ball and running with it. In his last game of the season he scored two fabulous goals through sheer persistence in following the ball up. Simon Jansen telling the soccer reporter that "Simon Jansen played very well!" Aubrey Wineera's six goals for U7 Awakeri Hotshots against Edgecumbe.

1996 Champions U-11 Awakeri Hot Springs Sharks- unbeaten - (coach Mark Roia); 2nd 14th grade Awakeri Store (coach Barrie Hawkes). Other highlights: 12th gr Shiloh Services having their only win in their last game of the season; Ivan Busfy's ball control and goal scoring in the 9th grade and the bruising he got from opponents as a result; Lisa Lowndes stopping a full blooded shot in the face in the 8th grade and bravely playing on; 14th grade Awakeri Store beating and drawing with the all-powerful Whakatane PaknSave; Awakeri providing 6 of the EBOP 11th grade rep team.

1997 Champions U-12 - unbeaten - (coach Mark Roia). 11th Grade 4th in league. The striking power of the Paul brothers in the 7th gr. Ray scored 7 in one game! The enjoyment of cousins Carla Goodhew and Lisa Lowndes in marking each other in the 9th gr 'derby'. The 14th gr beating Opotiki 17 - 1 !

1998 The 11th gr and 14th gr finally winning their first games on Aug 8th and Sept 5th respectively! Mark Petersen heading the ball off his line to save a goal, Mark Ernest scoring from a goal kick, Dale Hitchcock playing with his broken leg in a cast at a very enjoyable break-up, the introduction of Family 7 aside summer soccer (Stu Goodhew), the naming of Barrie Hawkes a a life member of the EBOPJFA. Emma Bradley after suffering a nasty broken leg in a playground game of soccer, girls v boys, as she was taken away in the ambulance, under the influence of nitrous oxide, still managed to ask, "Who won?!"

1999 Both 11th gr teams competing well in the A and B divisions. Jamie Stanton being part of a 13th gr EBOP girls rep team that finished 3rd in the Nationals, Lani Paul's five goals in an 8th gr game against Kawerau, the setting up of this website! The beginning of construction of the Awakeri Community centre.

2000 Devon Swart scoring a first half hat-trick for his 7th gr team, then volunteering to play for the opposition in the second half and scoring for them as well, in a 3 - 1 result! Matthew Gwynne getting a huge cut in his leg going for goal, the coach not realising it, asked him to play on for a minute while he got the sub ready, and he did! Five stitches were required! Devon again 17 June. Having scored his customary hat-trick, he was put in goal. He got bored, so, encumbered with the goalie gloves, jersey etc, he trots up to where the action is and scores again! Ben McPherson 4 goals in 15 minutes. Carrington Brown sitting in his van reading, unaware that his team is winning without him! He did score twice after he realised (2nd half!).

2001 Matthew Ward scoring four successive hat-tricks for the 13th grade. The 11th grade B team winning the C division championship. Ex-Awakeri player Jamie Stanton being selected for the Federation 13th grade girls reps. Using the gym at the Awakeri Events Centre for occasional games of indoor soccer.

2002 The formation of our first ever all girls team, in the intermediate girls league. Fielding 13 teams, including a 15th grade. 10th grade Aces ending Opotiki's four year unbeaten run with a 1 - 0 win, overturning a 0 - 12 loss in the first round! Kelly Stanton being selected for the Fed 3 12th grade girls reps.

2003 The girls team continues, this year playing in the Junior High School league. Three players scoring four goals each one Saturday (Vincent Sheather, Mark Morrison & Stephen Glassbrook). 13th gr champions of the league, also 11th gr Aces, 15th and JHSGirls all came 3rd. The Girls team were nearly all under 13 , but they did well in the Junior High School league! The Aces also won the final A div round of the 11th grade. IPDP replaced reps, with over 20 of our players enrolling.

2004 Autos winning the 10th grade league. Pete Sheather organising Sunday social games for adults. Severe flooding disrupting soccer and the lives of many players' families. Five goal hauls by Nikoli Christensen (6th gr) and Stephen Glassbrook (10th)

2005 = Champions 15th grade (coach Chris Whitaker)

2007 Runner-up 13th gr (coaches Paul Ibbetson & Rod Kamphorst)

2012 Champions 8th grade (coach Dan Baxter), Runners up 9th grade (coach John White)

2013 Champions 11th gr 1st division Wildcats (coach Paul Julian). Unbeaten 8th gr Warriors (coach Renske Forsyth)